ORU Pick and roll game

I am watching the Florida/ORU game I recorded but had not watched. I could make several observations on why I feel good about this game (unlike my feeling versus TTech), but the BIGGEST one are two names.

Justin Smith
Devo Davis.

If you were going to scour the nation for the prototype defensive players to check Abmas and Obanor in their pick and roll game, it is those two. I am not saying the ORU dynamic duo will just be shut down. But I do think our two are BETTER athletes than their two. And can really make their 2-man game difficult.

And if we can do that, and manage to stay out of major foul trouble and avoid a historically bad shooting night, I feel good.

As for Baylor if we get to them…that is a different animal. Thus…GO NOVA.

Baylor’s main lineup has a 6-5 center and they put in a 6-8 guy when they “go big”. I just feel like JWill could do some damage. Maybe even CV. But the way they shoot…

I am certainly not saying we can’t beat Baylor. But I don’t “feel good” about a prospective game against Baylor. They can indeed shoot it. And god they are athletic. In some ways they remind me us us under Nolan. Not as good defensively probably.

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