ORU looks like a pretty tough team

I was hoping for an easier first game. All three starting pitchers have an era of under 3 with their Ace having an era of under 2. They have a team batting average of 294 and it hit 67 home runs which is not too many behind us.

teams with RPIs over 200.

Maybe those stats are a bit misleading. :wink:

Hope so! I just know they have gave us fits pretty much every time we play them

But we have not played them since the regional in Stillwater. There are seldom easy wins in (actual) regional match-ups like we have in our regional.

True, all teams this time of year are pretty good. We need to get to that eal good left-handed pitcher they have early.

Oral Roberts went 5-6 combined this season against Oklahoma, Missouri State, Oklahoma State, Iowa and Dallas Baptist - all NCAA Tournament teams. A lot of those games were in the midweek, so neither team threw its top-line pitchers, but that record shows the ability is there to beat good teams.

ORU also swept Alabama in Tuscaloosa.

I assume ORU will start the lefty in the opener. He’s been tough. I have thought all year that a good left-hander is tough on this lineup with all of the good lefty hitters (Spanberger, Fletcher, Biggers). Cole, Bonfield, Koch and Shaddy need to be good against lefties.

Exactly why I said that clay we will have her hands full with him! Grant cook is gotta come back to being the grant cook we saw for most of this year.shaddy too!