ORU Game Discussion

Looking good so far at half time.

CMA is experimenting with some lineups with Dustin Thomas at the 3 spot. So far it’s looked pretty good, Thomas ball handling and passing aren’t bad at all, plus he has a decent shot. I’m thinking if Cook can get on track and play well we will see some more of this lineup in bigger games.

I thought Brett Dolan credited Thomas with a basket in the first half, but the stat page shows no points for Thomas or Macon and only three shot attempts between them. Two starters haven’t scored at all and we’re still up by 29.

This is a fun game to watch. Gonna be tough for them to stay interested down the stretch

It’s good to see a little Arlando magic tonight. He’s done some nice things. You know we’re going to need quality minutes from when we get into conference play.

You called it, CMA is starting to get upset.

When CMA called off the press the players lost focus. A little soft for about 6 minutes.

Macon has double figures after zip in the first half. Five guys now in double figures.

That matchup zone didn’t look too good. I know the starters weren’t in there so I take that with a grain of salt.

I’ve watched every game this year and it seems if CMA has a bit more edge to him this year. I think he knows he has a competitive team and some depth so he’s really pushing buttons. Maybe not but that scowl he had toward Darius Hall reminded me of CNR’s scowls.

That Sutton kid for ORU looks just like his dad. Or, more accurately, like his dad did when he was running around Barnhill 35 years ago.

Our RPI dropped from 7 to 12 at live-rpi.com in spite of the win, due to ORU’s weak RPI position. It will look a little better after the Bakersfield game; CSUB is 79th right now. ORU is 180th now (and probably improved tonight due to playing us).

As big as a lead the hogs had, CMA was chewing some tail on two separate occasions. He got their attention. :lol: