ORU Defense: My Opinion

Watching ORU highlights in their games versus Ohio State and Florida you can see the big defensive contrast between ORU and Texas Tech. Tech played what used to be called a sagging man defense. They have four players with a foot in the paint. They almost look like some of Bobby Knight’s old Indiana teams on defense. ORU’s man defense often has no players with a foot in the paint.

If ORU plays the Hogs with their same base defense, Arkansas will have space to drive to the basket. From ORU’s perspective they may want to play a 3 and 2 game. They make lots of 3s while knowing they will give up lots of 2s. Their 3 point percentage is down in the tournament but they rely on turnovers to get extra possessions.

In the first ORU/Arkansas game, you can see that the Hogs were slow on perimeter shot close outs, giving the ORU shooters space to shoot. The current Hog rotation is much faster on perimeter close outs.

It will be interesting to see how ORU defends against the Hogs motion and weave offense. Notae, Tate, and Davis are all threats to drive. Notae is a streak shooter, Tate is a reluctant 3 point shooter (prefers to pass or drive), and Davis prefers elbow mid-range jumpers. Their best defensive option on Moody is to hope that his team mates don’t give him the ball.


I don’t think there is any doubt ORU wants to play 3s for 2s. They are going to shoot at least 30 threes in this game, because that’s what they do every game. The key is making as many of those as possible hard shots, which means good transition defense and quick close outs. Make Obanor and Abmas earn every point, and understand both are probably going to have at least twenty. Don’t let the other five get 40.

This may be the game where Moody really shows off on the national stage. ORU has some real match-up problems on defense-they don’t have enough plus defenders, and it’s hard to hide the guys who don’t play good defense against a team like the Hogs that always will have three to five guys on the court who can score at multiple levels.

For us, in half court offense it will be a matter of being just a little patient and making the extra pass. There will be open shots and paths to the basket. ORU’s 2 point defense is not very good, and there will be open threes off of ball movement.

We had fifteen points off of fast breaks the first time, playing a less athletic lineup. Assuming ORU does not shoot a phenomenal percentage on threes for long stretches of the game, there will be an opportunity to get that number up.

Two great post here, thank you guys!

I think Muss cuts the head off the snake again and tries to make the other guys make plays. Obanor will have two elite defenders in Smith and Williams on him Saturday night. Smith is twice as good on D as he was the first time we played them and Williams didn’t get in that game.

Hopefully its a blowout because my heart can’t take another close one.

Great points Buzz. The Hog Defense will be key. The first five minutes of each half are always fascinating to watch. Arkansas will obviously over play something to force the other team to certain spots for help or traps. Watching Devo play his man sideways or seeing a soft double team near half court seems easy to overcome until the trap is spring. I haven’t had this much fun watching Hog defense since the Sutton/Richardson days.

I think the whole “making 200 passes” thing is a stroke of coaching genius. It’s a method of getting creative players to buy in to running offense in a modern game of one on one.

EC, I think you are on track as well. The Hog defensive model this year has been effective in making teams with great players rely on the rest of their team to make key plays for extended periods of time.

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