ORU and Baylor - a major key

I have been thinking about what I believe the keys are for the Hogs to make it to the Final Four.

To beat ORU, honestly, I believe we simply have to play well. Avoid a bad night. If we play well, we win. if we don’t play well…we could obviously go down.

As for how to beat Baylor, I completely agree with Clay’s assessment that we need to take care of ORU, and not have to just leave it all on the floor. With only one day to recover, if we have to give everything in that game, I am not sure we will be able to withstand the Baylor depth. See the “Nolan Richardson way of winning—aka fatigue makes cowards of us all.”

One way to deal with Baylor depth is for one Desi Sills to find some confidence and play some good minutes against ORU. Same for Connor or Henderson…either one. Desi ESPECIALLY could help us. For one, when healthy and confident, Desi is a damn good player. On top of that, I just fear how well a 3-man rotation at guard can really hold up against Baylor and in deeper rounds. Desi getting in some quality minutes would be huge. HUGE.

Of course we would also have to play well against Baylor. I could see us really hurting them inside if we can withstand the guard onslaught they present. I don’t think they have an answer to Smith and JWill. Or Connor if he finds some form. We also need one Marcus Moody to really assert himself. You are the star my man! Now is time to shine! “One shining moment” and all that…

I am not predicting a run to the Final Four. But–we CAN do it. That said, if we can beat ORU and be an elite * team, what an unbelievable 2nd season for Muss!!! And his players!

I’m a big Villanova fan this week!

I don’t think success against Baylor is about Desi having a good game; obviously that would help as he hasn’t had a lot of “good games” lately. His last good game was at USC-e. I don’t envision him having open looks against Baylor. In fact, against Baylor I would anticipate a good game from Desi would be making 4 or 5 second shots from around the paint because of this hustle.

Rather, I feel our odds against Baylor would be about the same as against Bama. We can beat them, but we need to be firing on all cylindars.

To me, winning against Baylor means that Moody can’t have another less than 17 point game. He’s our top guy and needs a top-guy game.

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