Orphan 8 officially invites four schools

Who are all expected to accept later today. BYU plans to come on board for the 2023 season. The others hope to do the same but will have to get out of the AAC first.

We’re scheduled for a home and home with BYU the next two seasons. Hopefully the return game in RRS won’t fall victim to their O12 schedule in 2023.

and once again, the people at Memphis can’t understand why no one ever wants them in a football conference.

Everyone else understands, but not the Tiger admins and what there is of a fan base.

The Athletic also has a story on them in which the AD tries to sell it as the #1 school in the Group of 5.

I’ve heard Memphis St. fans claim for years they belong in the SEC. Maybe most of them have given up on that pipe-dream by now. However, they’re probably better in football over the past 3-4 years than they’ve ever been. They did get a Cotton Bowl bid a few years ago where they got clocked, but still they got the bid. Regardless, I don’t see them as P5 material. Somebody has to be at or near the top of the G5. That doesn’t make them P5. It’s about more than 1 or 2 seasons.

(FWIW, I’m pulling for them this weekend)

I’ve seen more than one suggestion that the Orphan 12 won’t stop at 12. Maybe that’s when Tiger High jumps on board.

Does Memphis “try” in anything other than football and men’s hoops?

Not that I’m aware of.

I think they’re decent in some women’s sports. Soccer comes to mind; they’re ranked 15th this week. So far this season they tied nationally ranked Ole Miss and beat Alabama, Indiana, Kansas and Iowa State.

The Memphis program is underfunded and doesn’t have P5 facilities. They have usually had decent to good municipal stadiums/arenas to use for football and basketball (although the stadium looks long-in-the-tooth).

I guess I am too, I do not like them, BUT, they are playing ASU, sooo…

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Go Tigers.

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