Original predictions on scheme relative to talent... coming true?

A couple of positive things first…

  • I like Coach B as a personality
  • I like the kind of players he recruits… seem to be solid young men who generally stay out of trouble (at least moreso than kids at other programs)

That said…

  • I like exciting football… the crazier the scheme, the more entertained I am
  • I don’t think we’ll ever out-recruit LSU, A&M, Alabama, Tennessee, or even Ole Miss… our in-state high school programs and population base are just too far behind

Recall the primary concern when Coach B was hired… he has a smash mouth style, but we can’t recruit the players that it takes to win that way, so will he win here?

Seems that is proving to be right.

I really wish we had a coach whose philosophy was centered around doing crazy things to give low-talent teams an advantage. I think Mike Leach does that… CBP did that… I think Malzahn does that.

That’s my only concern about CBB… I just don’t think he’ll ever get the talent to make his system work.


Last year he had the talent on the offense and could not win. The defense was horrible. Special teams is nonexistent. I don’t think it’s as much talent as what folks think. He is predictable. Our opponent know what plays he calls on down and distant on both sides of the ball.
The same mistakes we’ve seen the last 5 years continue. Pass interference. Look back for the ball yesterday you pick it off and no penalty. It all adds up. Aggressive and unpredictable is what he needs to become is it possible.