Oregon State Looks Tough

They simply blew away their regional, including pounding LSU twice.

I was hoping that LSU wore out its arms trying to win the SEC tournament and wasn’t at their best in the Regional. Did not see their games. If anyone watched them, was LSU flat or OSU is just that good?

I didn’t see it but heard LSU was without 2 Pitchers they normally use. I don’t which Pitchers it was.

Obviously, LSU played well against us, but this wasn’t a typical LSU team.

I watched some of both of those games. LSU looked terrible. OSU is obviously very good at home.

OSU was giddy about their new attendance record of 4043… we do better at home playing a no name mid-week game in the rain. I will give them credit for eliminating LSU, always glad to get them out of the WS mix early.

By no means an expert, but my thoughts on what I saw…

  1. OSU is a very good team, and they are very good at home.
  2. LSU looked more like they did earlier in the season; not like they did later in the year.
  3. I think LSU placed way too much importance on winning the SEC Tourney, and not enough importance on setting up for a deep NCAA Tourney run.

LSU played the SEC tournament like they had too! They were on the bubble and killed their pitching! 2 pitchers didn’t travel to the regional. Both with sore arms. They went all out and they took their lumps.
There will be several teams across the country that can play step for step with the Beavers. The big dog out west Standford got a dose of reality and sent packing so don’t think it can’t happen to any team remaining!

You make it to Omaha, anything can happen. Ask Coastal Carolina!

lSUcks only plays well when they got their freaky crazy fans there to root them on,they are not a good baseball team just got some lucky momentum and raod it through the SECT.
Oregon state is a very good team and has been for years they are extremely well coached and will fundamental you to death,you have to play 9 innings of very good baseball to beat them,they have great pitching defense and always has a team that puts the ball in play and don’t worry about HRs very solid team.

Put Oregon State in the SEC and they would just be another 500 team in the league. The mighty powerful and overrated Standford team got bounced last night by CS Fullerton! I don’t think the west coast teams play the same level of talent that the southern teams plays and it will all come out in Omaha. I think what Vandy accomplished this weekend shows how tough the SEC really is. Or is it that the ACC is really that bad! In just a couple more weeks we will know who the last teams standing are.

Looked like both to me. In their elimination game they had to throw Bain, who has been a 1B and not a P all year.

Hess looked like his usual self (against everyone but us), not good.

Oregon St. is also very good. And, frankly, LSU was kind of a middle of the pack SEC team this year. They have mind control over us, but really, they just weren’t great this year.

They didn’t have a Friday night ace, and their lineup featured a 3-hole hitter at first base who had been a pitcher his entire career and had never batted in a game until this season.

LSU was without their normal Saturday and Sunday starters due to tired arms. They let a guy throw at Omaha with a tired arm last year and he wound up needing Tommy John surgery, so that played into their decision. Oregon State is really good and probably wins that regional at home, but LSU being down two starters sealed it.

I think Oregon State, not Florida, probably wins the CWS last year if Luke Heimlich had pitched, but he sat out after the reports about his child molestation guilty plea came out. He’s not sitting out this time. Heimlich beat LSU Saturday. OSU was 56-6 last year and the #1 national seed; LSU had to come out of the losers bracket in Omaha and beat them twice to get to the finals against the Wallets. The Beavs have most of that team back.

They would do better than 500 in the SEC but surely not as well as they do in the PAC 12 they smoked Stanford a couple times here recently and went to Missouri state mid season and downright thrashed/embarrased them in the 2 games. They are very solid team but you have to do everything right and usually catch a break or two win in omaha and thats hard to do.

Oregon States baseball stadium seats about 3,300 people. I went to 2 super regional games there last summer when they played Vandy. Great atmosphere to see a game. Nice people. Weather was in the 50s and raining. I think that’s typical for them.