Oregon State heading toward sweep of Stanford

And it hasn’t been close: 6-2 and 10-0 last two days, 6-1 today in the fifth. We might move up a tad in the rankings. Stanford is getting swept, UNC lost its series to Duke but avoided the sweep today.

I hope we move up at least one spot.
Swine will it be Missouri or Tennessee that misses the SEC Tournament?

Right now it’s Misery. EOE has a one game lead. But they finish the season against each other in Columbia, so the series winner will finish 12th and make the SECT; Misery would have the tiebreaker if they tie.

Not so fast in Corvallis; Stanford has cut it to 6-4 in the sixth, still batting.

Stanford scored the last eight runs to win 9-6.

Current RPI top 8: Florida, Stanford, Georgia, UNC,. Hogs, Oregon State, Stetson, Ole Miss.

Was pulling for Stanford in this one. Another OSU West win would have kept them ahead of us in the RPI.

Of course, we need to win at least one of the games in Athens next weekend to stay ahead of them - probably two. Georgia’s lofty RPI will assist our already lofty SOS and keep us near the top. Only question (which I hope is moot) is whether or not we can hold onto a top 8 seed even if we get swept by the Dawgs. It ought to be a heck of a series.