Oregon playing big boy football with BYU

BYU DL having a hard time stopping Oregon running the ball which makes me think we’re going to be able to move the ball on them. Passing game is now opening up because they have ran it so well

BYU quarterback is very good and will present problems if given time. They are very physical but Oregon is controlled this game so far 24-7 right before the half

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My only concern about BYU is their two best receivers have been out. I don’t know if they’re deep threats or possession guys, but I’m sure it’s hampered their pass attack.

Oregon is averaging 5.6 yards per rush so far, and Bo Nix is Good Bo today.

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Yeah they’re top two receivers are not playing and that for sure hurts their passing game. Quarterback can really throw the ball and we’ll be a problem for us I feel.

They do not appear to be very physical on the DL so I think we can run the ball on them and control the clock possibly.

Rattler threw for 376 against us; not even 120 against UGA - at home. This tells me a lot about our D.

That tells you a lot about how Great Georgia is. The stats would have been a whole lot different defensively for us without several 15-yard penalties to keep drives alive.

We have a long ways to go on defense but we can do a whole lot better than what we’re showing.


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