Oregon is rebuilding Hayward Field

Supposed to open in 2020. Normal capacity will be 12,000, expandable to 30,000 to host the 2021 IAAF World Championships. Of course, a lot of Nike money is involved. They’ll tear it down and build from the ground up.

And what it looks like now:

Austin will host the outdoor championships in 2018-19, then it will return to Eugene. I am beginning to wonder whether Fayetteville will ever get to host another outdoor championship meet.

I suspect we’ll need a significant rework of McDonnell Field (additional capacity, etc.) before we get another one, and the minor touchup in Jeff Long’s facility plan won’t cut it. Mike Myers Stadium at EOE seats 20,000. JMF seats 7,000, 10K with temp bleachers.

The second photo of what it looks like now just makes me want to chant

For those that do not know what I’m talking about, well, its a reference
to Steve Prefontaine, a once in a lifetime distance runner that died much
to early in life at I think 24 yrs old. Here is a link if your interested:

If you get a chance, check out the movie with Jared Leto in 1997 about
his life. Its a very good, very moving story. It also featured the recently
deceased R. Lee Emery as his coach Bill Bowerman.