Opt-outs and the Portal Make Bowl Games more Important

Not less. With the combination of the two, we’re likely to lose players who played meaningful snaps this year. Maybe that makes the bowl game less fun to watch for some fans.

There is a flip side, though. It’s going to give players who played little this year an opportunity to get more reps during bowl practice, and our coaches will have game video of them to evaluate in the offseason.

So, while it may be disappointing for fans, it is critical for coaches and players, for development of the very thing - the team - that fans care about.

Especially for a team trying to crawl out of a hole. We need every opportunity and idea to shorten that journey.

We badly need to win the bowl game. Finishing with a win is just better in every way. The loss to MU makes bowl win even more important.

We will lose several players before then, I’m afraid. However, our opponent might lose several, too.


Last year Burks bailed out but PSU lost several key guys who decided to save themselves for the draft. I think we came out ahead on that process.


Yep. I think we came out ahead, too. Hope we have the the same good fortune this year. No doubt all teams will lose at least a player or two.

They’ve already lost their top WR to the portal.

Who is “they”?

They is Mizzou and I have no idea why I posted that. Still car lagged from driving over 800 miles on Sunday I think!

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