Opitz goes undrafted

Sorry for him. Maybe good for us …

Incredibly thankful for all the teams that made offers today. Sadly, I didn’t feel that it was the right fit this year. I appreciate the love from @KP_Omaha! Blessed that this journey has brought me back to Fayetteville! Day 1 of 2021 starts tomorrow! pic.twitter.com/yrcqm2LTKT

— CaseyOPP (@CaseyOpitz) June 12, 2020
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Interesting development for sure. We lose (likely) 3 of the best signees, but don’t lose one of the certainly departed juniors. Bittersweet.

Opitz has a defensive skill set that certainly translates to the Bigs. Time will tell if he will ever make that level. But he is a natural leader, and could probably become a very successful coach when his playing days are over. So, I’d be curious to know how close he is to getting his degree. I’d highly recommend he take advantage of this unusual circumstance and finish his undergraduate requirements if possible. It might prove invaluable later.

I recently delivered the baby of a former big leaguer who is currently very active in coaching elite baseball prospects. He is very connected and has remained attached to the game since his retirement. He laments that he never got his degree, as lack of that achievement has kept him coaching on his current level, and not on the college level where he probably belongs.

Casey will get his degree. His brothers were pro players and got their degrees. I think the last two summers Casey has been playing somewhere. Last year he was with Team USA. But this coming year will no doubt allow him to get really close – or earn – his degree.

The Hogs will start the season with 2 college All American catchers. A new first for college baseball?

This is likely not what the two transfers had in mind.

Those graduate transfers have been given the freedom to look at other options if that’s what they want.

Lewis can play catcher, but I think he might have been brought in as much for his bat and versatility as anything. He can play a few positions in the field.

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