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Maybe SwineFusion can weigh in here.

(for a preamble I am a masking wearing, hand washing, keep social distance, Covid 19 surviving guy).

I found myself watching a ton of basketball this weekend. I will take the Loyola-Drake game as an example. Porter Moser and the Drake coach were all masked up. Yet in a time out, the masks come down and they are coaching if not yelling in the players faces. Moser goes to confab with his assistants. All the masks comes down. The Drake coach meets with two of the officials. The masks all come down and they are up close and personal.

Led my wife to ask the question. "What is the point of a mask if the thing comes off throughout the game?

I thought that was a good question.

I wonder the same thing. The mask comes off to talk to the team or talk to the refs. Which is unnecessary. Some of the masks that look like old WWII gas masks make it really difficult to hear someone, but the cloth or paper masks don’t really limit conversation (I just had a conversation with my team leader at work with both of us wearing masks; I had no more trouble with that than with any other conversation given my admittedly poor hearing.)

As far as pulling masks down during TO’s to give instructions to players I get it. Especially when drawing up plays and sets on the fly as Muss does. Coach wants to make absolutely sure everyone fully understands. Plus I’m sure coaches and players spend a lot of time together maskless during practice and travel. I guess the issue would be exposure from opposing players then spreading to coaching staff during games.
Even in my occupation where understanding precise instructions are critical, masks sometimes get pulled down. We also have the luxury to be socially distant most of the time. But I deal with language/communication issues and interpreters to.
They warned and fined schools and/or coaches in football didn’t they?

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