Lots of openings every year and this year is no exception. Rumors Helton out at USC. Biggest job opening so far if true.

Wonder if HY might consider him?
Charlie strong out again, looks like head coaching positions don’t fit him. Wonder if he might be a defensive coordinator position Candidate at Arkansas for whoever our new coach might be. Another consideration is Odom from Missouri as a dc.

Of course new coach has his pick of staff but interesting possibilities .

Wish HY would hurry and get this done. He had a 2 week head start.

Mizzou seemed to get a lot out of some pretty unremarkable-by SEC standards- talent. If you could pair Odom with good recruiters that might work.

Charlie Strong did a great job at Louisville. He should have stayed there. Moving to EOE-A did him in.

If all of these openings are true, I can’t help but think Petrino is going to land somewhere. He’d be a difficult opponent at Mizzou.

This makes it even more important that we get someone like Kiffin or Campbell. I’d be happy with either one.

Well we aren’t going to get Campbell since he signed an extension at Iowa State

I’m beginning to get nervous. Seems like we’re getting a lot of rejections. That might not be the case, but I sure get that feeling. Fortunately, I had the same feeling before we ended up with Musselman. I hope we know something within the next couple of days, but I’d rather get it right that get it done soon.

LOL. Arkansas fans (some of them) look at Petrino and see the guy who won 21 games in two years. The rest of the country sees a guy who got himself fired here for unethical/illegal conduct and being a general jackass, and then completely lost his team at Louisville, in part by remaining a general jackass.

Let me be clear in my position.

I don’t want him back.
He deserved to be fired.
He also deserved to be fired from Louisville for just football reasons.

However, he can spark a program for a good 3-4 years before the recruiting catches up with him, I think.

He would be a tough opponent to scheme against for a few years. The problem is that his first few years would coincide with our first few years.