Opening day tomorrow! Go Braves go Cardinals

I am so glad they got all that mess worked out. Lifetime Braves fan so hope we can play well and repeat I know most on here are Cardinals fan so hope they have a good season as well

Masters starts too

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Yeah I’m super stoked for that, so glad Tigers able to come out and play!

I thought DD and I were the only Cards fan…LOL :smiley: :smiley:

Oh No I have heard several on here mention St Louis and I like them too bc I was a big Lou Brock fan growing up,Lou and Hank Aaron were 2 of my Favorites.

I’m a Braves and Cardinals fan! I followed the Braces on TBS for years. I can remember when they were Bad! Bob Horner at First, Dale Murphy in RF
Man in the 90’s they started winning. Tom Glavin, Steve Avery and the player to be named later form Detroit John Smoltz! Pete Smith started some.
Mark Lemke at 2B, Jeff Blouser at SS
The outfield is a little bit hard to remember


When I first moved over to Atlanta in 1984 I literally go to the park and pay less than $15 for a field level seat and sit 20 or 30 rows behind Ted Turner several times lol of course there weren’t but about 3,000 of us in the whole stadium we were so bad

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I was right there with you man e-v-e-r-y- night on TBS Skip and the whole bunch. So many favs you mentioned so add Claudell Washington and Chris Chambliss and even Bruce Benedict to that mighty list.
It was a few years later but Otis Nixon played center for awhile.


Daddy became a real Braves fan by watching them on TBS. He grew up a fan of the Cards. When I was young we would listen to Harry Caray and Jack Buck anytime we went somewhere in the summer.

He was still a fan of the Cardinals in 1985. Somehow I got us tickets to game 6 of the WS. By that time I was a big fan of the Royals. Wow, that’s still a very special memory.

Anyway, I will follow the Royals and be excited to see Bobby Witt Jr. But I won’t really get into the season until after college baseball is over.


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