Open Roster Spots

With Tate official gone (we figured that would happen) and all of the other player comings and goings on and off the roster…

  • How many open roster spots do we have?
  • If we have any open spots, who is on the radar to get (transfer or hs grad)?

It’s hard to keep up.
Sorry if this is covered somewhere.

Returning players:
Notae for now
K. Johnson

HS signee:
JC signee:

That’s 12. One spot open. If JD or anyone else leaves, it opens up another one.

Who’s on the radar? Only Muss knows for sure.

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You sure bout that Swine?

Sure about what? The radar? I’m done trying to guess. You want to, have at it. If you’re talking about Miller, let’s see what happens with his buddy McNeilly. I’m having a hard time envisioning a package deal.

Internet Rumors are heavy about two Razorbacks leaving. An unnamed basketball player and a named football player.

Think the football one is gone for sure.

I’m just wondering when the Notae rumors will be put to bed? If he was leaving, wouldn’t he have announced it by now? JD will have a huge role on next year’s team. I’m not a big twitter guy. Has JD posted something that leads all of you to think he is leaving? Unless he has a pro gig lined up, why in the world would he leave? The only other players I could see leaving are Connor and Bay Bay, and really I still think Connor could make a difference if he gets tougher and gets his body right. I’m pretty sure Bay Bay leaving wouldn’t move the needle at all.

One Football player rumor is Mike Woods.

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Why would Woods be leaving?

Nah, I was just asking if you were sure only Muss knows for sure, bet his assistants do to.

Well you have a point there. Although it’s also possible Muss has decided to leave it open for now. He went into last season with IJ’s empty scholie and Kamani wound up getting it.

If a basketball player leaves, whether it’s JD or anyone else, that’s two openings. Which was the OP’s question.

Yes, Woods. I didn’t want to mention his name. Thought the board moderators would not like that,

Dudley was checking out the Woods rumor yesterday. Don’t know what he’s learned yet.

Woods said this morning he’s entering the portal. Doesn’t say why.

Man. I’d like to see us get another big or flex down-low player.

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