Open Mike

As a former sometime standup comedian (who did several open mikes and did a hog-related pun on this Board years ago that to my delight wound up as an HI print edition headline), I want to congratulate whoever came up with “Open Mike” on the recent HI print issue cover about Mike Woods. Good job!

And btw, both of my sons, one of whom did a whole lot more stand up than I did, and the other, who came up with “Won and Done” for his school paper when the team won the national championship game in the NCAA Basketball Tournament, thought “Open Mike” was pretty darn good too.

I’m a big open mic fan and perform regularly in my little town. I like to find musicians to back me up on my spoken word pieces and original country Jesus songs.

That was all mine. Matt Jones comes up with a lot of our cover headlines. I sent him that one Sunday morning as I pulled out of my hotel in Gainesville. He texted back a few minutes later with an approval.

Then you have a quick wit and Matt Jones has great taste. Kudos to you both.

Good for you. Open mike is kind of like being a DB, you are out there exposed and it can be a little scary but a win is pretty rewarding.

Speaking of Jesus routines, I used to do one wondering what it would be like if Tim Tebow turned into an announcer-“”The QB drops back, it’s a crossing pattern, complete, but what a tackle, Jesus did that receiver get nailed”, all religious references since that is what Tebow is all about. Thankfully no one took offense, as none was intended, and it got a few laughs.


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