Open letter to the Moderator

Over the past several weeks certain moderators of a certain political leaning have gleefully posted articles or subjects supporting or condemning certain subjects or individuals. Coach Gundy at Oklahoma State for instance. Moderators like Swinefusion posts an article gives an opinion about it, then squeals whenever anybody who disagrees with his opinion. This is a sports forum and politics are forbidden Moderators like him caterwaul. The topic is then quickly locked and or taken down. A few days later, Swiney or another Moderator posts another sports related topic Like renaming of Rupp Arena. Again they post political opinion, then cries when challenged. Wash, rinse, repeat. But when someone posts on a subject like Le Batard pulling a poll, then the topic is taken down within minutes. The rules should apply to posters os thr Right AND the Left. Not just one way. Don’t preach to the rest of us that you apply rules equally when you don’t. You don’t want politics? Fine. Then keep it off from the Right AND the Left.


This is easy-if you don’t like it, then don’t read it. If you enjoy it, then read it.

Also applies to tv channels and to people in real life. do stuff you enjoy, don’t do stuff that you don’t enjoy. Not entirely possible, unfortunately, but it is entirely possible on this forum.


It is my understanding that SF is no longer a moderator.


I don’t care what views are expressed, if I see a political post, I take it down. I don’t spend all hours on this message board so it might not be taken down immediately, but it is taken down.


My $0.02?..

Life is too short to pay for a service that doesn’t meet your needs.

Simply cancel your subscription.

Save money, eliminate irritation, live happier!

There are other sources of Razorbacks sports information out there. Find one that meets your needs.

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Just so you know, Mr. Snowflake:

Yes, I start/have started threads about the intersection of sports and politics, although I don’t remember one on Gundy. I never locked or deleted them. That’s generally Matt. And I haven’t been a moderator for a while now.

Meanwhile, take the advice of others and don’t read those threads. Block me. I’ve blocked you; I figured out what you said from the replies.

I’d say any concern about something negative said regarding Gundy or OSU would be regarded as a good thing by 100% of Hog lovin fans.

But, perhaps just 99.999%.

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Very easy to stay away from or ignore threads (political & otherwise) that irritate a person. Can’t expect the mods to read em all and block or delete if they don’t suit you / us / them. Geeze they have lives other than this board to. (Except Swine sometimes when he was a Mod-JK Swine). But plenty of us had em locked, blocked or removed. No biased intended. They will explain nicely every time if asked here or in PM.