Open letter to HY

Apparently, a group of former players, my guess is Frank Ragnow or Brey Cook, wrote a letter to HY advocating for Sam Pittman as the next coach.

Gotta say, I really am warming up to this idea. He’s respected everywhere and has an eye for talent. If hiring a coach is about leading and delegating like Clay wrote this morning, I think he’s a real contender.

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I think there are several very good coaches who could do the job. Pittman might be among them.

Clay Travis says it’s a “no brainer” we should hire Leach. I’ve heard others use that term about their favorite. I’m surprised at how many “no brainers” there are out there. :grinning:

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Could Pittman be our Orgeron? A great recruiter, motivator, and a coach teams want to play hard for?

Could Pittman bring back a power offense that initially, until he left, appeared to be on the verge of greatness before? Hire great coordinators like Orgeron has done and let them do their job? Maybe.

How old is Pittman? Does he have any Head Coaching experience or experience other than offensive line? Have heard nothing but good things about Pittman but asking if we risk hiring another coordinator in hopes that he is HC material & one who can manage coordinators & a football program. The fact that former players advocate him enough to write HY means a lot.

This program is in shambles - you cannot gamble the most important hire in Arkansas history on somebody with no G5 much less P5 HC experience.

We have one more chance to get this right and you roll the dice with a career OL coach? Please

If we learned anything from the Morris debacle it’s that a successful assistant does not equate to a top notch HC.

We cannot gamble on someone unproven as a HC in the toughest conference in college football.


Sam Pittman, the associate head coach at Georgia, will be 58 years old on Nov. 28

Good points.

@DudleyDawson Does and associate head coach role come with specific duties that are different than a position coach that would help prepare you to be a head coach or is it just a title to justify higher pay for a fantastic position coach? Not buying or selling here, genuinely curious.


Big Time Gamble and if this hire goes wrong it could be down hill from there

If so concerned about risky coaches, not understanding Leach being on any shortlist at AR. He is a spoiler & the underdog team at best but rarely the favorite.

In his 8th yr. at WSU, he should be competitive in an extremely down PAC12 but is struggling with a 1-5 record & the cellar team in the Pac12 - a lateral move if compared to CCM.

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That’s the key. Any hire is something of a gamble, but right now this program is in no position to swing for the fence and miss on someone too outside the box. We almost certainly need someone with successful HC history even if from a smaller program.

I’d argue 10+ years coaching and recruiting at the SEC level is better experience than a few years as a HC at a G5 school. Coincidently, 10yrs in the SEC is exactly what Kirby Smart had before he got the UGA job…a heckuva lot bigger job than ours.

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Any HC experience for him or better yet coordinator? I agree he is a great coach and recruiter but can he put a staff together and can lead a team including coaches and players?

There is no down hill from were we are now.


The associate head coach is considered the No. 2 guy on the coaching staff and basically is in charge when the head coach can not be. Often times, a liason to the staff. I am sure it is of some benefit in preparing you to be a head coach, but I don’t think it necessarily puts somebody over the top as a candidate.

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If Clay Travis says our program should do something, I’m 100% certain we should do the exact opposite. He is a troll, nothing more.


Leach would not worry me as a hire. In fact, I’ve seen his name on several shortlists. Just because he wouldn’t be a bad hire doesn’t mean he’d be the best. Fortunately, it’s not my decision. If we hire him, it’s fine with me. I’d prefer others, but my preferences don’t matter much even to me.

I kinda had the same reaction. I have no objections to Leach, but if Travis says we should hire him, it does tend to make me think, “nah.”

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Pretty much my sentiment. He’s a loose cannon but he can coach, and his loose cannon stuff doesn’t extend to, say, putting his girlfriend in an adjoining office. I don’t care if he doesn’t necessarily get along with his bosses but his bosses probably do :slight_smile:

There are people on my Hell No list in this search. Leach isn’t one of them. I don’t necessarily think he’s the best fit but I could be wrong. And I wouldn’t flip out if HY introduces him on Dec. 1.

Our target seems to have changed. In 2012 and 2017, people on this board were clamoring for a coach who could win championships, which Leach has never done. Now nobody seems to care that he has never won a championship, they just want somebody to get us out of the ditch. He could probably do that.