Ooks like Briles most likely to get Rasahada

TCU is latest visit and a couple of sources are predicting TCU to beat out Miami (I know fool me once).

TCU also knows where Lake Cormorant MS is and has offered DT.

Prospects in the News

–Jaden Rashada, QB, Pittsburg, California (Pittsburg HS), #82 nationally, #7 quarterback, and #6 in CA

Four-star Pittsburg (CA.) quarterback Jaden Rashada will be in Fort Worth this weekend for an unofficial visit with the TCU Horned Frogs. He is the No. 6 player in California and the top uncommitted quarterback in the class. Rashada is a former Florida Gator commit who was released from his National Letter of Intent and was also committed to the Miami Hurricanes at one time. He was in Tempe last weekend for a visit with the Arizona Sun Devils. The California Golden Bears and the Washington Huskies are two other teams who have also tried to pursue him. However, the 247 Sports Crystal Ball and On3 Recruiting Prediction Machine have the Hurricanes as the favorites to land him. That could be the case, but where he ultimately winds up is anyone’s guess. If I had to choose a school, the Hurricanes would not be the team to beat. It’s most likely he ends up at TCU, or in the Pac-12.

Lot’s of drama surrounding Rashada wherever he lands. The Gators really screwed up his NIL deal.

Yeah he may be a primadonna and those kind of guys can be a cancer to the team

Let that cancer fester somewhere else’s. The players that have been told how great they are are normally hard to make happy.

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Yeah I don’t have any time for that kind of player on my team.

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Haven’t heard anything about Rashada being a “Cancer”. Get used to kids moving around because of NIL deals because that is the way of the future. Doesn’t make the kid a bad teammate. In fact the player’s in the locker room probably respect him. Not the kids fault the Gator Collective seems to be incredibly poorly run.

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Rashada, and his dad, are all about the Benjamins. He can’t be a cancer because he was never actually on the Wallets team. But certainly the me-first stuff could potentially tear the locker room apart. You would have to think that TCU is offering plenty of cash if he’s considering Foat Wuth.

He’s a 4 star and the gators signed him for 13 million? Wow….apparently the deal was signed by him and the Gator NIL collective, who backed out. I see lawyers lined up suing for breach of contract.

From what I’ve heard, the collective promised him money they didn’t actually have.

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It appears there is a lot of that going around.

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Spending money they don’t have, how Washington of them.


Don’t have any knowledge of NIL deals or the process, so I do not understand the comments that they did not have the money they promised. My naive understanding would be that any formal mechanism related to NIL would be more like setting up relationships for a player to market their name, image or likeness with various entities, rather than handing over some lump sum up front.

Is this amount being mentioned with Rashada in line with top prospects or extraordinary? If accurate, it seems that fielding a top notch team might exceed a great many schools resources.

Are you saying Fort Worth isn’t Fort Knox?

The basic situation with Rashada is that the collective wrote a check that was gonna bounce, that they have (now and in the future) no means to provide what they promised.

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