Only two reasons why CBB hasn't been fired...

I can think of only two reasons why Long was fired, but CBB is still the HC:

  1. The BOT has some compassion, and they’re letting CBB have a home game goodbye to his players, or

  2. The decision to keep/fire CBB depends on the outcome this weekend vs. Miss St, and should we win, the Mizzou game. A loss this weekend and we’ll probably have another major announcement after the game.

I’m thinking it might be #1.

Does anything else make sense to the rest of you?

Going to let him say goodbye to his seniors on Senior Day.

An alternate scenario is making more and more sense to me. I have no inside knowledge, mind you, but it would help explain why Bielema still has a job. What if the breaking point issue with the trustees was not the coach, but the decision on whether to continue playing in Little Rock? Or an alternate suggestion is they’re not happy with the way Long handled the stadium expansion project. Either one might explain why BB still has a job and JL doesn’t.

Actually Swine that makes some sense.
I’m just not sure on the coaching front they may be giving CBB another year.

If Gus IS in play, what do they gain/lose by firing CBB now? I’m not saying he is in play but IF he is, wouldn’t they wait until at least Auburn’s regular season is over? If there is a chance Auburn gets in the playoffs, they probably wait until that is determined too.

The only way BB has a prayer of being around next year is if he wins Saturday, which might prevent an announcement that he won’t be coming back prior to the Missouri game. He’s likely gone anyway, since the best shield/advocate he had in the state just got canned. But it is still possible that two wins to close out the season might save his job, though I doubt it.

It’s over fellas. May not be the coach come next Monday morning.

BOT members didn’t like him. Bielema gone. Just a matter of time.

What would they not be happy about with the stadium expansion?

They approved it.

as of now there is going to be a new coach. we shall see soon i guess. would still like to win the last two and see how it all shakes out. one never knows.

It would kind of be the icing on the cake for this year if we won the last two and they announced BB was out and then played a bowl game with an interim coach. That would make it just weird enough to fit in with everything else that’s gone on.

While it’s not exactly what I have heard it’s similar. I have a good friend working in the agent’s office. From her understanding the decision on CBB has not yet been made. There are however, as you all can guess, strong money players on the Gus bus. Without a doubt there have been chips called in.

We win the next three games and we’re still going to have a new coach next year. Bielema is a good person and a good football coach, just not suited for Arkansas and wasn’t from day one.

That makes no sense at all.

Hi Bret,
Just to let you know you are a good football coach and all but you are just not a fit here.

No no other reason see ya.

He should be here next year to see how it turns out. There are so many openings and we, no matter what we think, are not very highly thought of in the football world.

If he is fired we will get a 9th choice that will piss off half the people and the other half will be pissed because we didn’t get Saint Gus