Only time will tell but

I’m told the number of guys considering leaving has greatly diminished. Not saying there won’t be others leaving, but most of the guys have more of a wait and see attitude than they did before Pittman was hired.


Good to hear.

I suspect there will be more, but a good new coach, and even more so a good leader, can usually slow player attrition to a trickle.

A coach that is a straight shooter and has demonstrated ability to hire a good staff will go a long way with these young men, I’m sure. I understand some of them may be a little unsure about how things will be done. But I frankly think credibility is the number one factor in terms of players playing for coaches. Right now at least, Sam stands in stark contrast to Chad Morris. The latter lost a lot of credibility with this team, quite clearly.

Good news. If there is any justice in the world, these players recruited here by Morris and provided little/no coaching will be able to stick it out and get that coaching now, and gain a victory vs Auburn with Morris on the other sideline watching his recruits beat his current team.

That may be a pipe dream - we are on the road vs Auburn next year, which makes it a tougher dream.

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A victory over Auburn at any point in time would be sweet

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One of the keys was keeping Burks and Boyd and that happened. Early signing period has to be considered successful given the circumstances. Give Pittman and staff more time and see what happens in February. Some current players may feel the heat of the recruited players coming in and taking p.t. Competition is good, let it happen.

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