Only three signees from Arkansas?

Perhaps one of many challenges for football recruiting this season was a serious lack of available D-1 SEC talent within Arkansas which forced CSP and staff to export their efforts to out of state.
How’s it looking within Arkansas for the next couple of classes?
Always thought Arkansas football recruiting success was directly related to the depth of D-1 SEC talent within state.
Amazing CSP and staff did as well as they did with only three or so signees from Arkansas.
Hopefully CSP is receiving good advice from CEM and CDVH on how to recruit at an elite level…including NIL management and working the transfer portal to help compensate for lack of in-state talent.
UA…Campus of Champions

Hopefully portal enables us to fill any gaps & build some needed depth.

Did we lose any players whom we wanted from Arkansas?


Maybe he needs to have Muss do development for him with junior high players…the BB team has 4 scholarship players beat with Devo plus the freshmen NSJ, Pinion, and Ford. He also has a walk-on, Lawson Blake.

You are correct, I do not think there were any high school players from Arkansas that we lost out on to another D1 school. Just a down year for the state as far as blue chip players I guess

Didn’t lose anyone in the '23 in-state class others wanted.

The '24 class is top heavy with talent with TJ Lindsey, Charleston Collins, Walker White and Braylen Russell. CJ Brown at Bentonville is one to watch. He’s been to campus. Could always be some late developers.

The '25 class looks to be very strong. Beebe’s Kiandrea Baker, CAC’s Grayson Wilson, Quentin Murphy of Joe T., Omarion Robinson of Parkview, Antonio Jordan of Warren are a few off the top of my head.


When I was young man , we would consistently sign 10 to 12 instate kids and have very good teams. It has been a while since we signed that many. There in lies part of the problem with our program the last 20 years .

During the 70’s Central Arkansas was very good to the Hogs. Remember one year when three Stuttgart Ricebirds were part of the team. I think all three were recruited the same year. Now there are years we might consider three out of Pulaski County a real coup and of course this year, with three from the entire state.


The Arkansas of today is a very different state than the one I grew up in. The Delta and South Arkansas are shrinking in population, while the NW part of the state continues its explosive growth. The Little Rock public schools don’t produce many D-1 prospects anymore, and I would guess that participation in football is way down from where it was 20-30 years ago, across the state. Gotta get the Walker Whites and Quincy Mcadoos, but more importantly, we’ve got to learn how to fish in bigger ponds.

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I would love to see a NIL walk-on for in-state kids. Give some of these under the radar types a chance to come grow and develop and contribute to the UA. I know we all love rooting for Arkansas kids playing for the Razorbacks. it was great with DMac and Matt Jones and many others doing great things on the field. I guess my idea is wishful thinking for now…

We also recruited a large # & percentage of out top players out of Texas during our SWC day & may account for much our decline since moving to the SEC. Recruiting was more regional in those days. Recollect Arkansas targeting many recruits from the Houston area.

Would like to think that our playing ut & OU after they join the SEC & aTm being home games will give us more exposure to local TX recruiting markets.

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I would love to see a NIL for 4* and 5* kids regardless of location, but I could be in the minority

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In the SWC days, the league hierarchy was generally some combination of EOE, UA and one random Texas school. Sometimes SMU when the money was right, rarely A&M or Tech, Baylor and TCU once in a great while, Rice never. Then Houston jumped in in '76 and went right into the mix with three quick Cotton Bowls.

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Supposedly we have that already. I am talking about a different fund. My thought is that it might be easier to raise funds supporting what essentially would be a scholarship for in-state kids that also benefits the football team. But go ahead and hi-jack my thread… lol

If this would be the case, it would further show that the fanbase isn’t serious about winning. Every single dollar should go to athletes our coaches seem worthy of a scholarship, not to Jimmy Rottencrotch from Mt Ida trying to fulfill a lifelong dream of making the UA football team. God bless Jimmy Rottencrotch, and good luck in your dream, but we are trying to win in the SEC. We need guys now

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OL Winters from Malvern and the LB from on of the Jonesboro area schools?

Cotton Bowls & embarrassing losses to UofH are why ut black-balled them from the BIG12. After the SWC demise, aTm & ut decided to carve up the Houston recruiting market such that SEC & BIG12 were never an option for UofH. Unfortunate since UofH could easily evolve into a viable Power5 program.

Well, they’re getting their chance next year in the Little Dozen. We shall see if they’re a pretendah or a contendah.

Instead of Jimmy Rottencrotch, it could a Brandon Burlsworth from Harrison. I believe there is room for both. It’s not an either/or. We need all types of support for the program.

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Definitely saw that one coming. Brandon was such an anomaly that he isn’t even worth mentioning, but since you did there is nothing stopping guys like him from coming up and competing. And if they instead go to UCA or ASU guess what? They can now portal in!

There is clearly not enough money for “both” unless you think we are as committed as aTm and LSU. Every dime needs to go to someone our coaches think deserve a scholarship, unless you don’t think they can evaluate who deserves one and who doesn’t.

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This reminds me of the conversations around Beliema talking about what a great walk on program we were going to have

Imagine being in a conference with Bama, Auburn, UGA, LSU and UF and trying to sell “WalkOn U”