Only the OleMissyBlackBears have scored.........

…on Bama’s first defense. They scored four TD’s. The other four opponents have only scored on the second team when the game is over. I predict we take the opening kickoff and score. I have great faith in Enos and Austin. :smiley:

I’ll take that bet. I really hope I’m wrong, but I don’t see that happening.

Not being “negative Nancy”; simply responding to your post.

OK Nancy, you give me some decent odds and I will bet you. Don’t expect a straight up bet on such a bold prediction. I will put six of your favorite beverage (Soft Drink or Beer not Dom Perignon) against a case of mine. I will take any good IPA.

I actually think early in the game Enos will surprise them. It is after they adjust at half time and we get into crunch time late that I worry about scoring.

Glad you didn’t take me up on that “bold” prediction. Maybe next year.

I don’t know if that last touchdown came against the first or second defense, but Arkansas scored four touchdowns Saturday. I thought the offense played pretty well given the offensive line issues. The Razorbacks hadn’t scored 30 on Alabama since Darren McFadden was on the team.