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how to prepare for Colgate and TT.

First Colgate and your not going to like this approach but I do. First get that shot chart loaded up with every player. Then I would use game tape of every player. Use a computer and like Tom Brady does and learns and memorizes what each player does on every situation that those players do. Ray Lewis found out what Brady did. It was click, click, click 5 to 6 hours a day to know what the key players do and every move they make. Then visualize what and how to explain to his players the direction each kid is going to make. Muss has all week to study the Colgate Raiders. Got to win the first one.

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And what might you do?

Muss and the team are 100% on Colgate.

You have staffers and GAs who break down TTech and Utah State so that you have the basics ready to go. Good news is that the game Friday is early. Get through it and while the team chills the staff breaks down film of the two possibilities while (hopefully) watching them play either on TV or live in the arena.

Being the early game does more than just give you 2 more hours to prep/recover. It gives you an opportunity to have the jitters out. You can break the other team down without compromising your focus (which would be the issue for Tech and UState, sitting and trying to prep for each other while watching UA-Colgate).

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Great stuff. That’s in our favor IF we win. oklahawg, that’s really in our favor if we win. Do you think and other’s can add in, swine, others that this was designed this way?

All good teams have advanced scouting. A lot is made of the cadre of “analysts” employed by Nick Saban. Bielema had them but I never heard about Morris or Pittman. I am sure they exist just not sure how the job is labeled.

While the team preps for the current opponent and the coaches focus on one team only, the advanced scouting crew is all over film.

We heard this from Muss yesterday when he credited Coach Ruta for having a file on Colgate ready to go.

Pro sports do this, in spades. Attend a minor league baseball game and you’ll see a dozen scouts behind home plate with radar guns, stop watches, notebooks, and laptops. They are doing advanced scout work for players who might be called up by the parent club, an opposing club, or acquired via a trade. I see that because I go to quite a few minor league games most years.

Even HS teams send a former coach or volunteer on the road to scout the next week’s opponent and record game film for analysis.

I’m pretty sure that Morris’ advance scouting covered next weeks’ opponent for Highland Park.


That is hilarious. Maybe where to park his helicopter.

He had to decide which 30 percent of his playbook to use. But I’m pretty sure he rarely got that decision right.

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