Only remaining seeding question

Seems like how high we could get if we win SECT.

My guess:
Win today, lose tomorrow makes us an 8. Lose today makes us a 9. So that is really a wash.

Win today, win tomorrow, seems like RPI wizard would get RPI to 21 and clearly on a roll having just won SECT, clearly gets us up to a 7 and possibly even a 6?

I don’t know, at the end of the day, if we win today, Vandy would have 15 losses. They would be the worst at-large team to get in (since team went to 68, maybe even 64). Not sure how much that win would help our seeding chances. If Bama upsets KY (I thought GA would, but they played like garbage), I don’t think winning the SECT would jump us over a 8 seed. Now, if we beat KY, maybe a 7. Maybe.

I suspect our seed is largely set already by what we did in the first 32 games, not what we do in the last one or two. Might squeeze into a higher line, or get squeezed down one, but I suspect our fate is largely sealed. What’s that fate? Tune in tomorrow :smiley: