Only Real Complaints about CCM

  1. Most have disagreed with this, but not traveling with the team to road games was a poor decision IMO. Some of the reasons are substantive and others more perception. But this horse has been floggedto death.

  2. It was apparent to me at the Spring game and it was reinforced early on that the two upperclassmen at QB are not SEC quality or really FBS quality. I honestly don’t know if they would start at UCA. This is not intended as a personal insult, but just telling it like I see it.

Knowing this I’m disappointed the coaches did not go with the young ones from Auburn on. Would it have been ugly and perhaps even a little uglier than it was? Probably, but it would have allowed them to learn on the job and be more prepared to compete entering 2019. The whole “you’ll damage them” is weak sauce and snowflake drivel. Nebraska went this route, struggled mightily early, but improved a lot down the stretch and their QB is identified entering 2019. I just think when you know two guys will not be in the plan in 2019 you accept and move on with guys you hope can be.

Otherwise not a lot of complaints from me - a few quibbles here and there,but this was always going to be a losing season and the hole dug by Tito Bert is more like a crater and the only way to dig out is by procuring better diggers.

I wish Chad and staff much success and will be supporting them as best I can because they need our support now more than they ever will. The next few months will be the hardest part of their tenure provided they are ultimately successful. The second guessing, ridicule, and anger from some parts of the fanbase will on full display and they will have to endure it as they sign the best class they can and then turn their attention to coaching a developing a team lacking in confidence and still without enough SEC players.

Yep - tough, grim days ahead and support will be needed. I’ll lend what little I can and look forward to the first real year of what will be a very tough rebuilding process.

Well in fairness to the QB’s there is not a QB on earth would look good or be comfortable behind this OL which is the worst i have seen in the SEC.I have been a fan of Noland from the start b/c of his arm talent but I could tell he was not comfortable after being sacked so much and rushed some throws but iMO he is the future if we don’t get KB.

We will have to get much stronger if we are going to compete in this league,you can’t be knocked back 4 yds in the backfiled and run anything.We are bringing in much better athletes next yr and are "supposedly"going to go uptempo which I think will be a great help to the offense and on defense Chavis is not going to change what he does so we will just have to get better players to run it,the ole saying goes You don’t win the Kentucky derby with a mule which us what we have been trying to do…I look forward to seeing the adjustments he makes after seeing the league up close.

I agree with this, but just don’t put this OL on Fry and Morris. They were terrible in 2016 and 2017 also. They started a guy with no offers besides Arkansas, a converted DL who’d never played OL in his life, a blue shirt who’s other best offer was Cincy, a walkon, and a kid that was highly recruited but struggled his whole career.

He inherited a mess talent and depth wise - just God awful really.

It’s up to them to fix it but man it will be a long process.

As for QB even when he had time Ty was too often late to make a decision, behind the the WR, or both. Also, poor arm strength which is a must in the Morris vertical game and the only reason they kept begging Cole to win the job.

Subpar QB talent + subpar line talent = 2-10

Ohh I have complaints, but at this point the disaster of inheritance supersedes the complaints. Most disasters take a while to clean up. This one is no different. He does have some quicker clean up options out there that I hope he can utilize.

Sad part to me is we will never know if Ty could have been decent QB or not.

He was highly recruited 4* QB.

He never saw any actual playing time to help his development before this year.

He never had OL that would actually block so play action would be better.

If he had more time, maybe he would have developed his reads faster and not get killed

If he had any WR who could catch ball or even try to fight for catch, maybe he would have more confidence and look better.

It may have not turned out any differently but we will never know.