Only player

That played well for us was santos. He held his own and made plays. Good job.

Great to see him perform well…

David Williams played his heart out. Clearly was our best RB yesterday. Hit the holes hard and made yardage after contact. His pass pro was awesome. He blew up one dude about to get to AA.

He’s a keeper.

Yes. He played well also. O’grady needs more receiving time. Kid has hands.

I thought if we had a chance against TCU in late 3rd or 4th Williams ripped off a nice run of like 20 yds or so and we were called for holding and every Arkansas coach on sideline saw it. We went from 1st 10 to like 2nd and 20 and we were never in the ballgame after that. I know we are a young team but we CANNOT MAKE MISTAKES LIKE THAT. Until we stop making those type of mistakes we will continue to STRUGGLE against good teams.

Santos has definitely proved me wrong. Very proud of this kid, he has heart. I can’t say that about any other player. He shows it with his emotion.

I was determined he was not SEC talent after watching him over the years, but he is worlds better than he was last year. I’m glad his hard work paid off. I wish the other players and coaches would take his emotion and mentality.

I took a wait-and-see approach with Santos all spring and fall camp. Leaned over to Clay yesterday and admitted I was sold on the new Santos. He was a playmaker.

I also liked the way Hjalte, Frank, C.J. and Randy played.

In addition to the ones Jimmy listed, I’d mention Dre Greenlaw, who was all over the field and made 17 tackles. I thought Jonathan Nance played well.

In addition to his catches, O’Grady looked good blocking, which is where I think his game has grown most. He made a great downfield block on the long catch by Patton.

In watching tape, I thought others played well. I thought Kamren Curl was pretty good for his first start. This was a hard-fought game with both defenses keeping their team in the hunt until the fourth quarter. I saw some good things from the tight ends, but I also so some things that ached to be fixed. The tight ends did not block well on the goal line. You can’t allow penetration off the edge on the goal line. Both Cantrell and Patton didn’t get it done on the goal line.

Cantrell had two major issues on the critical plays in the second half. He was beyond the end line on the pass in the red zone. Just can’t do that. He had the hold on the long run by David Williams. I guess it was a hold. He had the defender. There is a point that you know you’ve done enough and have to turn him loose.

I know you are frustrated and the point you were trying to get across, but that’s not fair to some others.

While none played perfect, I would say these played well:

Dre Greenlaw (17 tackles)
Jonathan Nance (3 catches, 75 yards, 1 TD)
David Williams (10 carries, 65 yards)
Frank Ragnow
Hjalte Froholdt
McTelvin Agim (9 tackles, 1.5 for lost yardage despite being double-teamed)
Santos Ramirez (8 tackles, interception, forced fumble)
De’Jon Harris (8 tackles, 1/2 for lost yardage)
Kamren Curl - who held up better than I thought he would in his first career start

Greenlaw (along with Santos) was Defensive Player of the Game.

Greenlaw had a very good game a career-high 17 tackles

I can’t get really upset with any body on the defense. We played two freshman corners for most of the game and held a veteran TCU offense to 14 points until the offense pissed away the last chance to tie the game. We made a choice to keep dropping a lot of guys into coverage and not leave Calloway and Curl without help too often, and it worked well enough to win. If you had told me beforehand we would hold TCU to 14 with five minutes left in the game I would have been thrilled. I think the defense is a shade ahead of where I thought they would be after game 2.

But we have a senior QB who is playing pretty poorly, a junior high place kicking game, and a group of WRs who have not clicked yet, some of whom are showing disturbing signs of maybe never clicking.

I never thought I would be happy for an open date in week 3, but man do we need it. I’m resigned to simply finding a kicker that can hit something slightly longer than an extra point-Mazza will do in all likelihood. There appear to be about three WRs who are in step up or step away mode, and I have no idea how that will work out, other than O’Grady and Patton catching more balls in the weeks ahead. Those two are going to be big threats, but we need two more guys not named Nance to step up at WR.

As for AA…I did not know what to think about his brother before his senior year, and I don’t know what to think about AA now. BA worked out well, so there is some reason to believe that AA will overcome this lousy start.

If AA does not play better against A & M I would not be unhappy if Cole got the start against NMSU. I think AA is still the best option, but if this season is going to be a good one, he needs to pick it up soon. If we are going to struggle at QB, I would rather struggle with a redshirt freshman than a senior.