Only ONE University in the NCAA

Has had teams make both the Elite Eight and College World Series field this season. I’ll let you guess who that might be.

Throw in a New Year’s day Bowl, and I’d say we’ve had quite a year. And that’s not even counting what our Ladies did in Softball!


Call me greedy, but I want a Natty out of all these successful teams. DVH is due one and this maybe the year?


Knock, knock, knocking on Heavens door…

I am so ready for a national title. Thing is, we’ve been so close so often. Eleven times to the CWS & haven’t won one. Only about 7 or 8 schools like that. (FSU has been 23 times & never got one.). It’s time. We are as good as anybody in the field.

The bad part: the odds are against any team. Eight competitive teams. Any of them could do it, but only one will. I’m ready for it to be us.

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