Only obvious that I see is Joe Brady

he is the offense at LSU and is a Sean Payton progeny. He will unfortunately be well aware of how ugly our program currently is and may be smart enough to not listen if approached. I want someone with the pro connection that Musselman has shown to be popular with kids. Give me Eric Bieniemy or Kris Richard but that ain’t happening since both are inside track to head NFL gigs.

We might could get a listen from Joe Lombardi, probably not from Dan Campbell who is a command presence had a good gig filling in as Dolphins HC. Pete Carmichael also might listen especially any NFL assistant who has met the time for pension benefits.

LSU is in process of upping his salary and money now. LSU will pay to keep him as their Qb guru for future. Their defensive coordinator is already highest paid assistant or next in line now. Joe will be OC soon.

I would like to see us offer him OC, and look at good DC’s. I know there are some teams from G5, that are fielding good defenses. Navy had a Top 10 defense for awhile (don’t know if they still are), but may not break the bank getting a non P5 DC with Brady as OC and a young upstart with passion HC (I actually have seen someone suggest Lunney, and surround him with good OC and DC).

Lunney might be the man, because his dad was a top notch high school coach and has won severl states champion ships. Southside in Fort Smith and Bentonville high school

Ya know at this stage, why not Lunney. He is well connected here in AR & a hard nosed recruiter. Knows what it takes in this league. As Bake said surround him with top OC’s & DC’s, & staff. I’m sure Barry could suggest some himself.

Personally the names that have been mentioned in other threads (pedigree coaches) just don’t seem to fit IMHO. Except maybe Kiffin,
Plus they will command such a dam buyout that we don’t know just how much effort they will put into it, either way they know the gig will make m richer - win or lose.

Brady is LSU’s WR coach and “passing coordinator?”.

His entire college experience is 2 yrs as LB coach at his alma mater, Wm & Mary, 2 years as a GA at Penn St, and this year with LSU. In his 2 years with the Saints, he was an offensive assistant (quality control?), not as an assistant position coach. LSU has a fantastic offense this year with the probable heisman winner at QB, an 3 of the best WRs in the country. Not sure how much Joe Brady should credit for their offense. He has virtually no experience as even an assistant coach at the college level.

Well their offense was nowhere near this good in the past, and the only change to the staff was Brady.

Joe Brady is also 30 years old. He’s not even the OC, he’s the passing game coordinator. Hot name, yes, but he ain’t ready for prime time.

I would give LOTS more credit to their OC, Ensminger, who’s just in his 2nd year as OC and QB coach who has Burrows playing at a heisman pace. And who is also making the play calls.

I think we just saw that some head coaches are better coordinators than they are leaders of a program.

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I wonder if there will be consideration to getting someone on-board quickly or whether waiting until after the bowls or playoffs will be acceptable.

I am not advocating for Brady as HC, but he could be an option as an OC somewhere.

I understand his title, but according to Coach O and some other sources , Joe was calling plays during the Texas game with Steve. joe is not ready for head coaching job but LSU is not going to let him leave as he is being targeted for offensive coordinator in future. Yes they have great Qi but they had home last year too. Better line and running back play has been big factor as well as their throwing ball not the middle of the field which maximizes their receiving talent. As with all schools, if LSU ups it’s level of play at quarterback , they will hard to beat with other talent they have their.

There’s a reason John Barnhill initiated the must-have-HC-experience rule. Sometimes you get away with it (Bob Stoops, Lincoln Riley), especially at Mobilehoma, where their recruiting $y$tem covers a multitude of sins. Sometimes you don’t.

Even if it they are able to land somebody that is a head coach or on a staff that is taking a team to the bowl, I would guess that person will take the job and begin recruiting even if he stayed with his team.

First choice Kris Richard as mentioned above. Second choice Lunney. Would be absolutely giddy with either!

Dan Campbell would be my overwhelming top choice and HH obviously knows nothing about the Saints and what Brady did for Payton. Campbell would probably get Brady as OC, but no one else we hire will get that chance. I agree with Kris Richard except then I don’t know if we would be crossing Jerry. So much goes on beyond titles for pro AC’s. Dave McGinnis is too old by perception, but he would be a great choice except he is out of the daily grind happily.

Lunney makes sense to me and seems like a quicker path to stability even if we are by defaulting ending up lower in the SECW pecking order by hiring Lunney. It makes sense to me to blame Ruhl for Chad not getting all the TX recruits speculated to come because of his high school past. If not Lunney then only our friend in Memphis looks like he would generate positive vibes from the media if that is whow we hire. Hope FSU goes really dumb and hires Deion PT so that competition is lifted.

OM should be a SEC win next time we play if we make a positive hire.

I would think Lunney should be a given to the next HC to keep as stability, not sure about any of the others and especially the strength and conditioning coach whom Saban has acknowledged as the most important staff member. If everyone quit (suggested by long lasting small injuries) then did we get a fair look at the changes wrought in our strength and endurance?

It will be 2 weeks until Lunney can show whether he got these guys to play with passion. And, it’s against #1. By the day after Thanksgiving, I would think HY will have made his decision, so not sure Lunney gets much of a chance to show his stuff in this timeframe.

I would think Richard is of getting a head coaching job.

Not sure that somebody who is a rising star in the NFL ranks would want to recruit and take on this challenge.

I doubt it will be that quick, especially if he is wanting to talk to coaches who are currently coaching in college. Everyone plays up until that weekend.