Only loss I regret is A&M.

Bama 1. LSU top 5 (yes I think so). Auburn top 10-15. We are solid. Just keep the faith.

I agree and feel that we are terribly unfortunate to catch LSU and AU after they got it together.

Bama is almost NFL level so there is No reason to get upset about that loss when we scored 30 on them. We have had one of the very best offensive performances against them.

LSU played Bama tougher than anyone last week, and then showed the same level of play against us. LSU is waking the beast within.

AU has stockpiled talent, with a freakish defense. Sadly they are a good QB away from NC contention.

A&M has stockpiled talent but that program has culture issues. We played them when we had an even worse Oline and Def alignment problem.

There is no shame in losing to any of those teams, but there is some in the margins - 21, 53 and 28. Arkansas should be better than that with as many upperclassmen as it has. It’s kind of hard to believe its closest loss was to Alabama (19).