Only five slots left.

25 KB
26 J Catalon
27 G Brooks
28 Juco OL
29 Keep Open(grad transfer OL next Summer)

I think Arkansas will be able to sign only one JUCO OL.
I don’t see Arkansas signing Chris Russell. (I don’t think Russell would be an upgrade.)

Or hopefully get Lakia Henry for the last spot.

Never say never, with Caldwell and Chavis recruiting him.

Spots 25 theu 28 would be well used with those you listed. That last spot may not be left open until summer. If Coach Morris and his staff find a player that can impact a position of need you can take it to the bank they will sign em up!

I think we lose 1 comit and get both OL

Cunningham is the only chance for impact player that we have on the OL he is a must have in my opinion.

I’ll agree on most but will say they’ll take Cunningham and Nwanna if they both want to come.

Grad transfer can be added later.

Well the grad transfer must be counted n the 29.

I’m talking about a spring grad enrolling in the summer. Could be counted forward.

Any grad transfer that enrolls before or at begining of 2019 academic year, must count as 2019 Initial Counter. Grad transfers can’t be counted forward if they were recruited to UofA.

See NCAA rule
This is the rule that allows nonrecruited student-athletic to be counted forward. (following year)