Only curles can cause the debacle at TN

He is terrible. And I blame him for enraging an entire fan base to act the way they have.

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He just has to be better. Very simple.

They may not get out of Knoxville with their lives.

Amazing that the field judge who was 20 yds off the play made the spot.


This whole debacle should force the SEC to really take a look at the really bad officiating. They need to be held to account at some point. If this last play ends up with TN not scoring, it’s going to be bad!



They won’t.


They haven’t yet. Can’t imagine they’ll start now.

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They have no desire to. They have a cash cow. They protect the blue bloods and the teams with the next championship chances. It’s a lot like Pro Wrasslin at this point.

You’re even seeing a lot of the reliable white hats—Curles and his new wannabe—being trotted out for the key games.

All that’s left are the metal chairs under the ring and they basically had all that on Rocky Top, tonight.

I don’t know if they got the spot right. What I do know is that they’re so awful that now, many do not believe these are just honest mistakes at this point.

Because they’ve allowed this to go on for so long, now you’re seeing some crazy reactions. They own this.


Folks are catching on, which happens when every team but two get screwed over.

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How in the world could anybody protect Kiffen? Is the SEC really that corrupt? Answer…yes. Shameful. The guy is a total D-bag, but he has Katy Perry’s support. I honestly don’t know what that means, since Katy Perry is a bloated former pop star. All I know is that we are getting continually screwed over, and I am fricken sick of it.

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It wasn’t a great look by the fans but I couldn’t help but laugh some at what was going on and fully understand the rage. It was also nice to see that yet again, it isn’t just us, but these refs are bad bad bad. Shameful. Don’t forget the weird play early on where it seemed like corral thought the play was dead maybe but TN stripped it and scored. Magically called back by curles saying fwd progress??? Unreal.

I thought the 4th down was close but the initial spot was horrendous. The spot was so bad it reminded me of the magic first down in our UF game in 09.

They had an impact on that game for sure.

It’s money… the top teams with the chance to play in the most lucrative post seasons games get the calls. It’s been that way in the SEC for a really long time, maybe forever. You beat a 'bama or jawja this year… you have to beat 'em. Gotta give A&M credit for that

It’s a pattern. It’s has been a pattern. It’s not just bad.officiating, it’s a pattern.

Same pattern is in basketball. It’s wrestling.

Don’t think they’re protecting Kiffin, they’re protecting Corral. He’s the SEC’s best shot at the Heisman, and Heisman winners don’t come from mediocre, unranked teams. Need to get OM into top 10 with max 2 losses at end of season.


I think you’ve hit on something here, just as Tebow was protected back in the day on a not-so-great Florida team.


But here’s the problem with that Swine. If day KJ was to get on the Heisman list, would the SEC go out of thier way to protect him? Don’t think so. Even if Arkansas was a top ten team next year.

There’s a huge Heisman-hype campaign for Corral this year, we saw it all during the broadcast of the OM-UA game. If OM were to go 7-5 or 6-6 and get a Belk bowl bid, he ain’t winnning it. No matter how good a player is as an individual, Heisman winners come from top tier teams.

Correct… and the SEC will protect those teams to get the money from the CFP etc… they always do it. If we were that good, and had a real shot at the CFP I think we’d get some calls… maybe not all of them but the money means more than the team

Couldn’t agree more about the sorry officiating in our game (on a regular basis) and what happened to Tenner… but, what the Tenner fans did was insanely wrong and very dangerous. LK got hit with a golf ball (among other things) and it’s a miracle someone didn’t suffer a serious injury in the process. More than a fine will be coming out of this. They made LK the victim, and that’s the last thing this crowd hating of LK wanted.

Yeah I think there will be a big fine and other penalties against EOE-K. Sometimes European soccer teams are forced to play home games in front of empty stands due to fan misbehavior. That would be an interesting response in a non-pandemic situation – home game at an empty Neyland,

If KJ stays around a couple of more years and develops to his full potential, and the Hawgs are legitimately in the national conversation for a Heisman candidate or even the CFP, I think you’ll see games called a little more square. Certainly on a national Saturday afternoon broadcast when the opponent fumbles, you won’t have officials going to replay with the purpose if finding a reason to give the ball back to opponent (two years in a row now).

Or as in the TN-OM game, won’t see an official twenty yards behind the play run up the field and move the ball back two yards on the spot to create a turnover on downs.

I’m not just carping about calls against AR. It’s SEC officiating as a whole. It happens every year against a variety of teams. Go ask a USC fan about this subject, you’ll get an earful.

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