Only 7 FT attempts

We played good enough to beat a good team, on the road…but it’s tough to win road games when you only shoot 7 free throws.

The officials let them play. Neither team shot a lot of FT’s

Okie Lite got 15 free throws. They made more than we attempted! They sure called some whiffs in the last 4 minutes. If it’s a foul in the last 4 minutes it should have been a foul from the opening tip! Of course we were 4/7 from the charity stripe.
The game was decided at the free throw line and our stupid turnovers that lead to layups and dunks for Okie Lite.

It did appear to me that the refs were letting both teams play. I’m Okay with that. If we just make a couple of those bunnies, we win. Then there was the OSU basket at the end of the half. That should not have happened. I really wish Muss had used Connor as the rim protector, double teamed Cunningham, and let them have an unobstructed inbounds pass.

If you ask me, the game came down to two shots. Cade made his, Vanover didn’t. Whatever happened in the first 39 minutes boils down to that.

Cade vs Vanover…says it all. Argh.

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