Only 5 of 11 regionals were decided on Sunday

And, just one of those was due to weather delay. Is this unusual, or is it pretty common? I’ve never checked before, but I just figured it would be half or a little more. Especially with the advantage of going 2-0 after the second day.

I do not like the format of the Regionals, and the SEC Tourney. Throughout the real season, especially during the “conference” part of the schedule it’s all about the 3-game weekend series.

This past week, the Hogs won their first two games, and lost on Sunday night (in a squeaker). Essentially, they won the “normal” part of the weekend series, but now they have to win one more game (at the other guys home court) to win the “Regional” - in five games. That’s not right; the importance of the two Friday and Saturday wins is reduced. That wasn’t the regular season, but it is “now”. Just crazy to me, and it’s the reason “runs” are amok.

It’s obvious to me, that OSU has a deeper pitching staff than the Hogs; and by “deeper”, I mean guys who can throw strikes over 83 mph. But, we only see this during the unusual 5 game series.

I personally feel that the conference tournies should be done away with and playoff teams determined solely by the season schedules. Both basketball and baseball.

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I agree. You could add one series to the season to make up for it.

That ain’t gonna happen, Might as well hope for the return of crank telephones and horse-drawn carriages.

Actually there were two regionals with weather issues. Miami (Ole Miss) was pushed back an entire day after it rained about 10 inches on Friday, and Auburn got rained out last night.

The guys at D1 baseball have long advocated for having only 3 game series for the NCAA tournament.
There would be 32 hosts and 32 visitors starting out. But that would add another week to the schedule

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