Only 3 Hog foes in preseason top 25

Either coaches or AP, which came out this morning. Bama is in the usual spot. LSU and Auburn flipped the 12-13 spots. That’s it. TCU is 26th in AP, just behind Tennessee, and 28th in coaches.

Also should be noted that we got some votes from the coaches, 37th on their list. Do they see something we’re missing? My guess is that’s based on a senior QB. Of course the CFP committee ignores the polls, but we’re about 10 wins from playoff consideration anyway. But then so is everyone else.

Yes, it is trendy these days to say the SEC is fading and not the best conference. I get the fact that the ACC was better last year. It was. But we all know the SEC West is still the toughest division in football. Put Ohio State or Michigan in the division and see how they do. You watch the Big 10 and see the lack of speed.

Alabama, LSU and Auburn can hold their own. I expect all of them to be in the Top 15-20 at year’s end.

If you look at the coaches poll as a preseason power rating, and ignore injuries, road games and everything else that affects the season, we would be expected to go 8 and 4. Moo U got some votes but they’re below us in the coaches poll. Just some more completely useless information

This is a positive

Arkansas needs to beat TCU and 2 of the top 25 and everyone else

Gosh I just got Arkansas to 11-1 now that sounds awesome!

I’m ok playing a weaker schedule this year - Arkansas needs some breaks

That 10 game stretch is going to be brutal esply that USC, Bama and Auburn gauntlet

If Arkansas loses to ole Miss it will be because the USS Arkansas is a flaming hulk afterthose three games

My hope is Arkansas weaker schedule is a help - Arkansas needs some help right now - help that means 8 -9 or more wins reg season