Only 2 explanations for reversing

that call.

  1. All 3 officials are incredibly and equally terrible.

  2. Or

  1. The ranked team is not supposed to lose in the SEC.

Or both!

That was nonsensical. Cannot believe they watched that replay and gave them the ball.

The no call on the charge was even more apparent they would do anything to help the chickens.
Typical SEC refs. Sorry is t the word for it!


That was totally indefensible

Ranked LadyCats of Kentucky went down also. If the ranked Aggies lose, well
It’s time to swap out all of the SEC refs.

Butts in the seats factor. Many more chickens in Greenville than Hogs.

I don’t care who wins the Auburn vs Texas A&M game. But you are right all ranked SEC teams have lost. Except Texas A&M. They got a little help from the refs too!
Beat the Aggies!