Only 1 team doesn’t get this ending

Every good college baseball team, everyone who gets to the NCAAT except one suffers what we did today. It’s always painful. Either OM or OU will feel what we’re feeling by next week. It’s the heartbreak of baseball. It’s what ABC called “the agony of defeat.”

I’m petty enough to want OM to feel like this Sunday night.


I can’t root for Ole Miss in anything. Hope the Sooners clean their clock.


If it were rebnecks vs shorthorns, I’d root for the meteor strike … and the shorthorns. :face_vomiting:


I will likely just tie flies and listen to George Strait for a few days.


ESPN won’t be on my TV at all this weekend.


Unless somehow I can get into the tour de France this year, no sports for me until Little League World Series, and shortly after that, football.

I’m not going to watch one pitch. But I know who I want to lose. The thought of OM getting a CWS trophy is just sickening to me. I’m no OU fan, but I do NOT want OM to win.

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I’m the same way neastarkie

I also want rhem to experience the agony of defeat. As well as the pain that comes with tumbling down the mountain afrer wiping out on their skis.

Has anybody thought why not us……we seem to be having to many agony of defeats….when will it be our time?

What kind of question is that? Nobody knows. But if DVH keeps taking teams to Omaha—which he’s done 7 times he’s been here, including 3 of the last 4 times—it will happen. Nobody likes falling short.

You would do that anyway!

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I feel the same. Go Sooners.

I respect Bianco and their players, but I can’t stand their fans. Golf and mowing on the slate for me this weekend. Screw Ole Miss!

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It is a question to ponder……Yes, DVH has a great program, but if we keep feeling the agony of defeat over and over until our reputation is never the bride always the bridesmaid.

in the 3 big sports (basketball/football/baseball), we have one national championship in the last 58 years… we have hope but we should not have expectations…

And two national championships in forever.

Five SEC teams have NCs during DVH’s time. OM might make it six. I feel like we are better than all those programs over the last 20 years, save Vandy.

Also, if you were to rank the top 10-15 programs of the last 10 years, probably UNC and us are the only two who haven’t won a NC.

Yes, only one team can win it…but lots of teams sure seem to get their turn.

It’s hard to win it all in sports where so many teams are competitive. None of us can guarantee we’ll ever get one, but with our rate of getting to the CWS, DVH’s history of getting top players, our facilities and fan support, I believe we will get one soon. (I’m running out of time to see it, but our odds are still better than 95% of the ncaa teams.)

Remember how consistently great Florida State was under Mike Martin.
And they never won it all