One year ago tonight


No never forget that that’ loudest I’ve ever heard our stadium

I was there!!!

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I bet your ears was ringing for a minute or two after that!

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Compare that to the crowd last night at ok state. . . . not even a real comparison.


The crowd is at a medium roar after the wild pitch

Then when makes contact in the swing there is a very short hush by the crowd, then, eruption

The only thing that could have made that better was if there had not been the wild pitch before he hit it and the bases were loaded for a grand slam. Otherwise it was an awesome moment for him, the razorbacks, and the fans.

Thank you Charlie Welsh for that great moment.

I don’t remember the exact game, but there was an instance earlier this year where we had the bases loaded, a wild pitch scored the run and then the batter hit a 3-run shot. I immediately thought of Charlie.

Charlie’s hitting .195 in A ball this year, but he does have six homers in 87 at bats and an OPS of .824.

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