One WR I haven't heard much about

We got a commitment from Maleek Barkley to some fanfare a year and a half ago, and then held on to sign him even though some major schools tried to woo him during the fall of 2016. He did well in the State Championship, leading Lake Travis (coincidentally, CCM’s old stomping grounds) to the 6A title.

He came in and red-shirted, but I haven’t heard his name much. Can anyone give me/us an update?

Thanks. … nship-gam/

It’s my understanding that he had a good camp, but could not break into the rotation and the old staff thought it best to redshirt him along with Jarrod Barnes

Dudley, doesn’t he fit into that same “tweener” category with TJ and Chase - 5’10, 180-190 with good speed that could play any number of offensive skill positions? RB, Flanker, Kick Returner, etc.

I believe this kid will be a player for the hogs, he fits the build as one of those small and quick receivers that can run…

The staff and offensive scheme seems made for this type of receiver. I think we will see more creativity in both the passing and run game from this staff. But it is up to these players to put themselves in position to excel when the time comes.
The thing I love about a new coaching staff is the fresh look and fresh start they get from new sets of eyes. If Hammonds does the work to prepare it sounds like he could a breakout star in this offense.
It is very exciting. The tweeners are going to be those players without the brains, heart and work ethic to position themselves to take advantage of this new opportunity.