One week before Hawaii trip

And Gas has a torn ACL and a fractured leg. Bummed

That’s about how my luck is. Prayers for a quick recovery

Sorry gashog. That is terrible. Prayers…

Dang. That’s bad news. I do think I’d first get the doc to prescribe rest on a beach.

Perhaps you need a personal medical escort? Just saying. Timing of this never good but man this sucks!

I can be miserable here or over there, I’m a heavy lean to be miserable over there and get it fixed when I get back.

OUCH! Be careful, but I think that I’d go and be uncomfortable there.

I went, didn’t get to do much, I was miserable but loved Maui. Watched the loss last week on my phone from the beach. Which made it somewhat better. Had surgery Wednesday repaired ACL first therapy was yesterday. Fracture and bone bruise iare going to slow rehab down a bit though.

Hope to go back someday when I can actually do something.

Rehab hard, Gas, and diligently. No more Gas attacks!

Prayers for a great recovery Gas!

Will be in Maui early March. Hope to see Guyinhawaii again. Great guy.

In Normandy tonight after a cruise on the Rhine. Recommend that to anyone. Rode a bullet train today. Cruise at 180. Amazing how smooth. Looking forward to DDay stuff tomorrow, but most looking forward to getting home.

Have colds but nothing broken. Hope you mend soon

Sounds like a great trip, hope to do that someday.

I really wanted to meet guyinhawaii myself. Maybe next time.

Mending up is gonna take a minute.

I got to ride the Mag-lev train in Shanghai some time back.
They cut the speed back at night so we weren’t full-bore but it was amazing nonetheless