One Week Away

I will have a hotdog at the ball park in one week. There is nothing better than a hotdog while watching a baseball game – unless it’s getting two hotdogs. I’d say I look forward to the crack of the bat, but there is no crack anymore. It’s a ping!

Best post I’ve seen all week. See you there.

Countdown Clock

I can’t wait. I am still stuck way out of state, but I watch every game possible and try to get back for some games. I’ve been able to see us play in California and Arizona lately, but we have stuck it up there unfortunately.

I really hope the pitching and defense is much better this year. Hope we surprise everyone. Come on Friday!

Arkansas comes back to California the next two years after this one - in San Diego next year and Los Angeles the year after. I don’t think you’ll ever see Van Horn schedule a trip to Arizona again. Those trips never have gone well.