One way Seton Hall was robbed.....

shhhh (Macon traveled before he passed to Barford prior to the F1)

Keep that one in house.

Yes, Jimmy Dykes just pointed it out on Twitter

Comments: what kind of television do you have that you saw a travel from Macon. :geek:

You, Dickie V, and Dykes. Winners or losers? Hmmmm

He is correct Macon got by with one extra step.

It was obvious If you understand BB.

Didn’t notice that in real time. None of the commentators mentioned it. But he sure did walk. Oh well. I guess you can’t make every call :slight_smile:

Definitely traveled. And considering Seton Hall just got called for a travel, I’d be upset if I were them over refs missing that call. With that said, they missed a few fouls on Barford at the rim that were obvious. So it probably evened out.

Macon’s travel wasn’t egregious, but it was a travel.

That poor kid from Seton Hall took like 5 steps. What the hell was he thinking? LOL :lol:

He traveled, but then again Barford got banged a couple of times in the second half without a call.

I don’t consider a missed call like that a very big deal. Refs aren’t perfect. One extra step isn’t egregious & often gets missed. I’m more upset with wrong calls on out-of-bounds calls or bad misses on fouls.

Spent most of the game wondering why Seton Hall was allowed so much more contact on defense than Arkansas was.

Then the end. I was sitting there wondering if it would be OK to shove and trip our guy on a foul intended to send him to the line. When they made the call, half the people watching here thought Barford flopped. The trip was not obvious until they showed the right angle.

Everybody says the trip was incidental. I don’t see how you ignore a shove from behind plus a trip, incidental or not.

Blu said something right after the game. Barford tripping (flop or not, I believe not) is what got the intentional called. I agree, if he hadn’t of fallen, common foul. See that foul almost every game.

This was on CBS… official explains why they got it right. … eton-hall/

The trip.was not the issue. You have to make a play on (or for) the ball. He didn’t. He just shoved Jaylen. Flagrant 1 is absolutely correct. I was surprised that Seth Davis the Dukie pointed that out.

This. I couldn’t believe some of the brushes by Thompson that were called fouls considering what was happening at the other end.

I think the call was about not making a play for the ball. Young got called for flagrant I at Ole Miss for barely grabbing the shorts of some Reb.

Watch the replay and look at SH players leg that he used to trip Barford. Watch how he swings it- it looks intentional to a degree.

This is exactly why the F1 is, IMO, overblown. Barford would come down and get sent 2 rows deep. No call. Then, Thompson goes straight up, barely touched the guy, offensive guy initiated the contact, and it’s an And 1.

But, if I was a SH fan I would be mad. The F1 was the correct call, technically, but it would make me mad if it was against us. Add the Macon walk to that and a free shooting fouls on them that were slight but impactful (Moses and Dusty getting hit on elbow on follow through) and I am sure they’re fired up).

NO ONE said the TRIP was the foul. Blu said that if Barford had not been tripped that play would not have been reviewed. He is correct, the call would have stood as a common foul.

But bumping of Barford has not been called all season. So, I don’t think you can count those towards evening things out. :lol: