One to watch going forward

Was this the person you were referring to last week, when you said more to come?

Center or guard? Size? What year?

Big guard/Small forward - 2019

Not really.

I see that he committed to Buffalo back in October, which looks to be very close to his home town. He looks very athletic, but can he shoot anything other than dunks and lay ups per his video? I guess after the hype accorded some of our past recruits I’m just a skeptical old man.

Soph stats at JUCO:

17.9 pts, 7.5 rbs, 58.6 FG%, 75.8 FT% and 30% 3pt.

Not great from outside, but inside the arc is fantastic.

As of now, not expecting Arkansas to do much here.

RD, I know things are fluid and change quickly. But, as of right now can you give us your opinion on who the top targets are and who they are recruiting the hardest right now as far as the 2019 names that have been coming out lately.

This guy is legit it’s no manifest reason why Arkansas shouldn’t go after him we have guys on our roster far less talented 🤦‍♂️…if We pass on Bramah and this dude I don’t see a turn around

Mahamadou Diawara, Javon Franklin and Raymond Hawkins are the bigs to keep an eye on but not the only ones.

Like I said Jaylin McCreary is still in play. I think they’re get two bigs and add someone that can score.

The bigs could be grad-transfer, prep school, JC or high school.

Sounds like to me they need some more scholarships to open up the Justice
Hill pick up maybe wasn’t a good one if he cannot score and he is not known for that

So you’d rather have Ibby over Juice?

Having seen Justice play some 30 high school or AAU games, he can score.

You do love you some AJ. Maybe one day we will find out what it is that has kept high majors from offering him.

Looks like he he is having a good year from 2-point range, but a Jalen Harris one from 3 as he is 2 of 21 from 3. … eer&pos=st


Not to steal 228’s thunder, but I like the kid too. I think he’s a piece we need, but as you said the High Majors didn’t offer and some of the mid majors backed off as well. Makes me think it’s something besides a talent issue

RD or Dudley,

You guys hearing anything on Sardaar Calhoun. Saw a report on twitter earlier that CMA and TJ went out to watch him last week. Looks like he could be a qualifier like Mason Jones.

One of several Arkansas is evaluating. TJ has also seen a JC guard that’s averaging 22 points, 12 rebounds and 4 assists a game.

Just curious what was Barford’s?