One to maybe keep an eye on

Not saying anything will happen but it’s worth monitoring.

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Great size,would love to have him.

There are a couple cornerbacks in portal from GA too. Just saw one in another post here.

Committed to Bama.

Richard what is our plan on D?

Looks like we are out on the Twins, doesn’t look like we will add another Transfer LBer……
Secondary we are about 3 short ? DT wife?

This is just concerning…… thoughts ?

Richard are you hearing anything on what the plan is between now and the late signing period ? Are we out in the Twins? Would you think we are done with the class ?


Sorry, I missed this.

I would think another LB is a possibility for the spring portal window. Don’t have the exact numbers for DL or DBs but suspect it will be 2-3 each. I also think another OL or so could be added.

I can also see them adding another so-called “can’t turn down” transfer if the guy wants to come. I think the offseason and spring practice will also factor into the spring portal plans.

I’ve never thought they would add the twins but when one recently received an offer I thought it might trend towards taking them. Again, nothing would surprise me. I’m passed being surprised in recruiting.

LSU is absolutely killing the portal

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