One Time Transfer Rule

Hearing coaches are optimistic this rule will get passed.

Does this mean we might see UALR transfer Khamani Johnson play for Arkansas this season?

This team could use his physical toughness in the frontcourt.

Any thoughts on this?

The one time transfer rule is expected to pass in January. It does ban a player from playing at one school, transferring in midseason and finishing the season at his new school, but Johnson has not played for UALR this year, so I don’t know if he would be immediately eligible or not.

I was thinking we already have 13 on scholarship, which would make Johnson the 14th and thus he couldn’t play. But I only count 12 scholarship players on the roster.

I believe it will pass, but I tend to think that Johnson will use his full two years and not just one and a half, which would be the case if he were to join the Razorbacks on the court in mid-Jan.

OK. Appreciate the responses. thanks!

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