One thing you WON'T hear the talking heads say at this Saturday's Alabama game

“That kid Miller is a real sharp-shooter”…

Yes, I know…bad taste…too soon…etc.

And you’re right. Just couldn’t resist…


@Baumbastic_Hawg this one needs a rimshot

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I thought it was a cheap shot.

But it was of high caliber.

Will he be charged if he commits a block in the lane?

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Only if he runs a foul of the law.

If you daughter was the one that died would you go along with this thread?

Maybe it takes losing someone close to you due to gun violence before you can see the big picture.


Sorry razorblack. Wasn’t trying to offend anyone, just can’t believe how there is no accountability for Miller in this at all. Forgive me for seeming insensitive to this. I am sorry.


I believe Alabama will have all of its bullets for this game. Lots of fire power. No shortage of ammo. Lots of time on range next two days.

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…and…there it is.

I KNEW someone would make a post like this, no matter how light-hearted I tried to make it up front.

You’re right, or course. If my son or daughter had been killed by gunfire, I wouldn’t find this too funny.

On the other hand, if you think about it, at least 95% of what we all laugh at would (or, could) be found objectionable by someone. Just think of all the “how fat was she?”, “Take my wife…”, “he’s so ugly”, “I’ll tell you how dumb she was…”, etc. jokes we have heard and had belly laughs to over the years, never meaning to offend anyone, or taken offense to.

Sometimes a joke is just a joke. A play on words. You like it and chuckle…or you don’t…and you move on. Not worth over-analyzing.

Not sure if he’s the teams best shooter but he is without a doubt a great assist man. We better lock him up

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Devo did a pretty good job on him last time. Bet he can’t wait for another chance.

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I’m glad you “KNEW” someone would make a post like I did.

You think its funny and I don’t. You made the post and I made mine.

So its funny because it wasn’t your daughter.

I lost someone very close to me on my birthday in 2019. He was murdered in cold blood and the case has never been solved. So murder and gun violence will never be funny to me.

Making fun of someone for being “fat” is not the same as making fun of this situation but hey if that makes you happy…


I am - very sincerely - sorry for your loss.

But life goes on, and people are going to find humor in things that others may not find funny. Humor is how most of us deal with the frustrations of daily life, truth be told.

I respect that you don’t find humor in my comment, regardless of how I meant it. And I can deal with that and still retain my sense of humor. Sometimes people tell jokes or make comments that touch upon subjects that are very sensitive to me. Unless they are doing it on purpose - which is extremely rare - I just consider that they don’t know my background and don’t have any malicious or mean-spirited intentions. To do otherwise would waste a great deal of my time, and wouldn’t change anything.

Man you even admitted in your first post that it was “in bad taste, too soon and you know it”. You said all of that not me!

So before I ever made a comment you knew it was tasteless. Guess what, when you lose a loved one very rarely does “life go on”. A young lady lost her life just a few days ago and her baby boy will have to grow up without her. No humor in that at all.


The thing is…it does.

We hurt. We mourn. But bills still need to be paid. Mouths need to be fed. Teams win. Teams lose. Young people fall in (and out) of love. Jokes are made. New music comes in style. People lose their jobs. All of these things keep right on happening.

We remember. We don’t forget. But life goes on around us, regardless of what we feel and what happens to us and ours. And we have to move on with it, or we might as well be dead ourselves.

Yea that part of life goes on but many other parts don’t. Her little boy will never feel her touch again, never hear her voice and he we eventually start to lose all memories of her.

As I said from the beginning, you admitted in your first post that it was tasteless. I’m bowing out now because this just hits too close to home for me. If you read what her step dad said maybe you would understand the pain words can cause others.


You’ve made some really good points @razorblack and thanks for trying to pay respect to the victim and her family. Unfortunately, you’re trying to appeal to emotions that simply aren’t there. To make this thread even more disgusting, our so called Hall of Fame sportswriter @ClayHenry not only condones this, he joins right in! This is the least Razorback thing I’ve seen in quite awhile!


Let’s just shut this thread down, as it’s taken a turn south and I don’t see any reason to continue in that direction.