One thing to remember as the new HC assembles a staff

Whoever he might be…

The 10th assistant coach position kicks in for the 2018 season. We had been expected to add someone who might focus on special teams before BB was sacked. It will be interesting to see how Morris, or whoever, breaks down staff responsibilities with the extra coaching spot.

Would like to keep Michael Smith but doubt it happens. Would also like to keep Lunney and add Tim Horton.

Lunney seems to be a great recruiter of Arkansas. If we just get to keep one, he would be it for me. Smith would be a very close second.

I hope Lunney is retained. And Smith is a great recruiter.

Horton would be a huge plus. I imagine it would take some cash to pull him from AU.

I would expect Morris to bring at least some of his SMU staff with him, and he might reach out to some people he worked with at Clemson. I predict Lunney will stay because of his ties with the in-state coaches and recruits. As for Tim, I think he’s going to stay with Gus until he gets a promotion to go somewhere else, or until the Auburn expectations monster devours the entire staff. Which was one week from happening in October. I could see Smith staying given the success we’ve had recruiting Louisiana.

Lunney is gonna be an OC for some place next season, Chad gonna need a ton of help on the D side.

the Horton clan has a case of butt hurt. Tim at AU, some Kids going to Mizzou

Hope this staff hires a Special Teams Coach…