One thing that cannot happen (at least it shouldn’t)

If AR hires Barry Lunney, Sam Pittman, Butch Davis, or any other assistant coach or a .500 non-power 5 coach, Hunter Yurachek can not stand at the podium and say he got his guy. He can’t say we got the best for the program. He can put a positive spin on it, but, don’t blatantly lie. I’m sick of being lied to as a fan.

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SMH. So he should say “we got Plan D but I need you to buy tickets because he’s the best darn Plan D out there”?

Y’all get way too worried about what is said at a meaningless news conference. It’s PR speak.

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Agree with that. No way can he say he got his man (well maybe some big time will come that has been doing whatever, but also maybe the sun will not come up tomorrow). If he had his guy, it would all be over now and the guy would be out recruiting.

He can’t say no one wanted this coach killer of a dumpster fire job, but that is his problem. It is as simple as that. We are the rear end of the SEC and everyones sure win on the schedule. We are a breather for the rest of the SEC and no good coach wants to be a part of that.

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I for one think Pittman would be an excellent hire! Only knock would be that he hasn’t been a HC before. I agree Butch would have been fine after Petrino but not now!

This is silly.

IF it’s one of the guys who was coaching yesterday it could not have happened any earlier than today.

Just don’t see how you guys cannot understand that.

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Happened for Ole Miss and FSU and their guys coached yesterday

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I must have missed their press conferences where it was officially announced…

Oh wait, take that back…

I mean the official news releases happened yesterday and the coaches confirmed it. So yes, it could’ve happened yesterday.